The Chronicles of Heavens War, Book I: Sisters of the Bloodwind

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Charlotte added it Mar 06, Susan Clifford is currently reading it Jan 07, Georgina Little marked it as to-read Jan 18, Frances Smith is currently reading it May 27, Carol A Lake is currently reading it Jul 02, Pat Frayne marked it as to-read Jul 29, About Ava D. Ava D. Ava Dohn is a man of many interests and talents. Growing up, the American Civil War fascinated him Eventually he would walk the battlefields and imagine the slaughter and loss of life. Even as a young boy, he played at war in the fields near his home.

He poured over ancient and modern history, pondering mankind's past. Ava also has a Ava Dohn is a man of many interests and talents. Ava also has a keen interest in other dimensions, who might live there and how they've influenced people through the ages. He loves machines, tinkers with them, marvels at what people have made. A thirst to know about the natural world drives him to absorb all the knowledge he can and try out ways people in the past worked and lived, learning their survival techniques.

Above all is his ability to set down this amazing saga of "The Chronicles of Heaven's War". His love of people combined with a desire to share what pours forth from his heart and mind has led to six books detailing a possible alternate history with profound implications for humanity. And there are more to come Remarkable man, intriguing story Books by Ava D. Trivia About Sisters of the Bl No trivia or quizzes yet.

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The Complete Book of Fallen Angels. Valmore Daniels. Rachel Devenish Ford. Steam from a late-night shower rose from pavement bricks and surrounding stones, vanishing as a mist in the summer air. Shrubs and trees in surrounding gardens dripped with a welcome deluge of the night, while little harvester ants scurried about, busy at their duties, as sunlight reflected off glistening water droplets, creating an illusion of a world filled with sparkling diamonds. A loud click! As if rudely awakened from a pleasant slumber, a covey of mourning doves rose from secluded perches, noisily flying overhead.

A door opened in the side of the auto-car, slowly sliding back along an inner rail, revealing a shadowy figure hiding in the cool darkness of the idling machine. Slowly, a hand reached out, grabbing the roof rail, followed by a foot coming to rest on the pavement.

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Laboriously, like someone ancient, weighed down with burdens beyond their years, a woman emerged into the brilliant sunlight. With a grunt, she stood. How strange it would have been for an observer, for this woman did not look ancient. She was young and stunningly beautiful. Squinting, the woman shaded her eyes to view the surrounding landscape, the silent grandeur of these sights vividly impressive.

Imposing as these gates were, they paled in comparison to the fortress towers and walled battlements whose marbled heights rose well over eighty cubits before reaching the open roadway traversing the wall. From there it was another sixty cubits to the roofed battlements of the towers. Black, polished onyx inset with chrysolite and other precious jewels crowned both the towers and ramparts. The woman sighed, unmoved, merely turning toward the machine and muttering a command, its door swiftly closing.

Again, she turned her attention to the battlements. Looking up, the woman could see the massive guard towers with flags fluttering on poles far atop peaked roofs, recalling to her mind the grandiose beauty viewed from their ramparts where, on countless occasions, the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding countryside had unfolded before her eyes.

To the east were gently rolling hills and valleys covered with orchards, vineyards and pastures. Patches of woodland dividing fields of grain grew along the streams and brooks that descended to a broad plain below, the waters gathering together in force to produce a wide, serpentine river sluggishly laboring northward, fading from sight. Beyond rose a wall of blue-green hills, dipping and swelling as though an army of shadowy giants were on the move, marching off into the distant haze, hiding the roots of rock-hewn mountains jutting above the clouds in snow-covered peaks.

In the morning blackness, the sun would fill the sky behind these mountains with a dark glow as if orange fire were ascending from the depths below, struggling its way up the mountains, colors brightening until a vivid red sun would suddenly erupt over the peaks, flooding the countryside with its yellow brilliance. The fortress walls stretched north and south for better than two leagues. Long ago, tall forests had grown up around these fortifications, shading the blue river of marble with their wide evergreen boughs. Old growths of giant cedar, hemlock and redwood trees towered high above the greatest battlements, dwarfing the heights with their three hundred cubit spires.

Sisters of the BloodWind

Nor was beauty lost on the secrets hidden behind the marble walls. Flagstone roads of red, blue and green crisscrossed this expanse of luscious growth, sweeping in like a sea around the base of the walls. Enough of that! The woman sputtered, shaking her head to clear it of seemingly useless memories. She started toward the gates along the jasmine-lined roadway leading into Palace City. Had she bothered to look up while passing through the gates, she would have seen the splendor of this jewel of the Universe…had she bothered.

This inspiration for poems and songs went unnoticed by the woman, her mind caught up with other pressing matters. Whether she chose to observe it or not was of little concern to the artists who created it. The gilded palace towers of jade, inset with gold and precious stones, and the palace proper, crowned in onyx and domed in diamond crystal, gold, and chrysolite made it appear as though the sun had descended from its home in the heavens and settled here.

The woman smiled. She had chosen wisely this morning. As she expected, the streets were empty. And the guard towers? This did not mean that her presence had gone unnoticed. Even now someone watched her, following her every move. But such knowledge was more reassuring than discomforting. At Candletoe, a distant outpost, the woman first noticed this voice calling to her, beseeching her to journey here. She regretted abandoning the fleet at such a perilous time, but what else could be done?

There was a tone of urgency in the request, a pleading on the part of the one making it. And to be called here, to the Royal Palace, could only mean the summons was of greatest importance. Sounding of hurried footsteps descending a hidden staircase in the North Guard Tower startled the woman.

Instinctively reaching for the dagger at her side, she crouched in battle preparedness. Footfalls echoed from the passageway and off the metal gates, confusing her ears as to the number of feet on the stairs. An instant more and she would know if the approaching feet were that of friend or foe. Laughter erupted from the doorway. In a sudden rush, a couple holding hands, eyes fixed on each other, sprang from the blackness.

Paying no heed to their surroundings, they nearly bowled the woman over. Not having noticed the stranger in their midst, the girl flirtingly cooed, Why Zadar, has your hunger overcome you so quickly? Do you wish to revisit the tower lounge before we return to the others? A handsome man with thick, dark hair, deep-set hazel eyes, bushy eyebrows, and a neatly trimmed beard pretended to clear his throat and pointed past the girl.

We…we have a visitor. She stared, the flirting smile still on her face, and then, when she recognized the woman standing there, cried out in surprise, Mihai, my sister! What a thrill to see you safe and well! Come share the wine and good times with me again! Mihai pondered the wonders of her sister.

Seeing her here, who would ever guess an evil madness lurks, hiding in her mind. She covers it well with her finery of silk and gold, makeup and twinkling eyes. But I know…I know that this child has not seen even one day of peace in her troubled life. She lowered her head, speaking wistfully, This place has the ability to lift the darkness from the mind. May it also do the same for me Zadar stepped forward, arms spread wide. It is so good to see you after such a long absence! He gently pushed Darla aside and hugged Mihai. Darla snorted, placing her fists on her hips. Mihai stepped back in mock surprise, grasping her dagger.

Grinning, Zadar asked suspiciously, Just like the way you did the night before you parted company for the fleet? I wanted some time to myself to clear the air in my head. Leave it to someone like you to spoil it for me. Zadar wrinkled up his face in fake apology. You did it to yourself.

Mihai soured. You know few call me by that other name. Sadness grew on her face. Please, my dear little brother, allow me to leave certain memories in the clouds for now. I would have been grateful if you had brought that brandy with you. Darla pretended to clear her throat.

Getting their attention, she asked, So, am I just an abandoned soul now? Tossed by the wayside like a discarded toy? Mihai laughed, Oh yes, we could cast you aside as easily as one does a winter tempest. Oh, my dear Darla, I have missed your company for so long! They stood, locked together as one, sharing inner thoughts, memories from some long-forgotten time. There were few people Mihai loved and trusted more than Darla. In fact, she owed her very life to her. Mihai kissed Darla on her lips and then asked, How is it we chance to meet at this time?

I thought you were doing sentry duty on Stargaton. Darla blinked in surprise. The summons, of course! You are the last one to get here. Zadar and I, along with the others, have been here for several days. We were beginning to think you might choose to ignore it like you have done in times past.

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Mihai denied that was so. You know I have never ignored a summons. But there have been times when I could not possibly abandon my duties.

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  • This time is different. I could feel the urgency. Zadar piped in, Well! Mihai poked an accusing finger toward Zadar. Miss out on a sweet interlude with our most beautiful of flowers just to keep company with me? And did you keep my glass filled with wine only fearing I might become thirsty? Zadar was shocked.

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    Lure you? As I recall, you dragged me under the first mulberry tree we passed after leaving the others. And for the wine, you treated yourself to many more than I dispensed, including mine. Mihai stopped the teasing.

    The Chronicles of Heaven's War, Book I: Sisters of the Bloodwind

    Enough of this! Should all the children be as passionate, there would be no time for strife or war. She spread her arms wide, drawing both her companions close, speaking in little more than a whisper, confiding, I told no one I was coming. This council meeting is secret - at least it is to be for the moment. Mihai changed the subject. She was justified in the statement, as the couple was dressed in sheer, silky, ankle-length garments. It also had an open bodice, with golden lace sweeping down from her shoulders and around her exposed breasts, which refused to be hidden under her knee-length cape of woven silk, gold and silver.

    Her braided locks, although disheveled, were festooned with rings of diamond-studded gold. With her dangly ear-fobs, three bejeweled gold necklaces and jingling anklets, she was quite an alluring sight. He also sported a finely crafted timepiece on his waist-belt, while a jade brooch fastened the two ends of his long, flowing cape together. Zadar explained the party had been a reunion of sorts. Some close acquaintances recently returned from a long sojourn in the Outer Ranges were celebrating the successes of their expedition.

    Mihai then asked if the party was last evening, why were they still dressed in such garb so late the following morning? Zadar leaned close, nuzzling against Mihai in a sensual embrace, and whispered romantically, Because they make me feel sexy Mihai pushed him away and laughed, Feel sexy? Zadar, you have never felt anything but sexy! From the day of your coming of age, you have chased the ewe. Your first lover surrendered you up to her sisters before your days with her were to end, worn out and in need of rest. Zadar looked abashed, then grinned.

    That aside, these clothes can still make you feel He put his arm around Mihai.

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    Do you want to come with us to the Winter Gardens? It would be my greatest pleasure, but I must decline. I have some business to conclude this morning, having a need to change out of this stodgy uniform and freshen up first. May I walk with you to the palace? We can talk along the way. Darla made her little girl face, grinning in satisfaction. How sweet a walk it will be, too. It would make me feel…feel like a woman again. Mihai lingered with her companions until they reached the Winter Gardens, located at the convergence of four wide concourses. The gardens were a grand expanse of exotic flowers, shrubs and trees crisscrossed by dozens of walking trails.

    A bubbling stream with its own waterfall completed the scene. Looking up at the high, domed ceiling, watching the cool white of day shimmer through the translucent stone, she happily sighed, In this place, Time forgets itself. We are standing below the very center of Palace City, the North Concourse running directly under the Old Palace that was constructed upon a butte of solid diorite. Darla and Zadar shot knowing glances at each other. How wel…. Shouts echoed across the nearly empty building.

    Zadar waved his arm, calling back to the new arrivals. He excused himself and hurried away. Darla promised to find Mihai a sensual outfit and offered to walk her to the tram waiter. Mihai thanked her. Where are all the people? Pay no mind to it, Sister. This is still early morning, by business standards, anyway. Things will wake up around here by the lunch hour and the dinner crowd will be pretty good. Mihai nodded. She remembered all right! There was always a crowd here. Mihai thought back to those long millennia passed.

    She could see the concourses packed with partiers and merrymakers, elbow to elbow, making their way from one festive event to another. There were the pools, spas, theaters, and gymnasiums that entertained the body and the mind. And one must not forget the Palace Coliseum! Sometime during the First Age, architects hollowed out a cavern in the butte directly under the Old Palace. Every technical innovation of that age was built into its design and construction, enabling artists to recreate their wildest imaginings in three dimensional sights and sounds for audiences of over two hundred thousand.

    The intoxicating excitement of that day was gone. She sadly smiled. Yes, my dear one, I remember Darla walked with Mihai down the South Concourse until they came to the tram waiter. The whirring stopped, followed by a click! A woman stepped out offering salutation, hurrying off, leaving the two alone. Mihai glanced into the empty car. When the world was innocent, these things were always filled. It would be nothing to see several dozen riders queued along this wall waiting for the next tram waiter, and that was at this same time of day.

    Darla said nothing. She believed her older sister, but could not comprehend such numbers. Her memories of large crowds had been watching great armies on the march or slaughtering one another on the battlefield. Then you will see for yourself what a wonderful world this place really is. Are you revealing secrets to me about mysteries hidden or am I being the fool, wishing for shadows and dreams? Shaking her head, Mihai answered, You are no fool. Trust me, you are no fool.

    My dear one, wishing for shadows and dreams is not a bad thing. At times it may be all we have to hold on to. As for the celebration that I speak of, it is something far grander than any of which you have been informed. It is part of the greatest mystery of all.