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Tags: Easter Maundy Thursday. In my office I have a painting of a nightime scene I showed a photo of the actual painting. What is striking about this painting is the contrast in values. Tags: Discipleship. What do we need to overcome our doubts about the resurrection? There was a great loss recently in the entertainment world.

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Premium Series Kits. Conversations With Jesus. Sermon Series contributed by Guy Caley. Add a note optional. And then, I remember, the most important thing was this, that several times I thought I would be courageous enough to get a good look at him, at his face; but it was impossible. And the same thing happened to Caroline S. We were unable to look at him. All I could see were his vestments and his shoes because a mist, a veil, a covering was placed before our face, our eyes.

We were like blinded. We couldn't look into his face, we were not to look into his face. The sad fate of Robert F. And I don't know - I never questioned Robert F. But I do recall, also, that before the Mass started - we had seated ourselves about half-way up the aisle in the pew, the three of us, and before the Mass started I looked to the left.

And we could not see his face due to this type of grayish-white veil, like a mist, that was before our eyes, and we couldn't see Father McL's face. But the Mass itself, the service, had started. And there was the banging of guitars and a number, a piece of music I'd never heard before. And then as we watched, I was startled to see Father McL come in from the left side of the doorway, the doorway you come through, and up towards the altar, which had the railing then. And he was snapping his fingers and keeping time to the music. I can still see his right hand going, snapping his fingers, keeping good time to the music of the strumming guitars and the beat of the music as he headed for the altar, with two altar boys behind him.

Well, I was in a state of shock because as I was watching his feet, I can still remember he had on black patent leather shoes with huge silver buckles; I've never forgotten his shoes. And I whispered to Caroline, "Don't look into his face. There's something before my face. I can't see him anyway So Caroline. But I was in a state of sheer shock when I saw Robert F. And I really shook in shock, in fright. I didn't know what had happened, how he could do that, after we had spoken so much about being sure to avoid him.

Well when we came out after the Mass, I asked Robert F. It's like rushing into something that will get you into trouble. You avoid all occasions of evil," I said, ''and you know very well who he is. Robert said he thought that Lucifer was out of him Fr. McL by now. So we went home. That was a Sunday; I've never forgotten it. Only a theologian will understand this, and perhaps another individual inspired by God will understand this, but whatever happened when Robert F. Because that Tuesday evening he came over to my apartment.

We were to do some work, some drawings for a cover or something. And Robert F. But as he came in the door, I'll never forget - and whoever was in the apartment at that time; I don't know if it was Caroline, or Ben, and Mary S. Because as Bob walked in, I looked into his face and I felt that - his eyes, there was something about his eyes. His eyes, if I remember, were a blue color, or - well, whether they were blue or brown, now his eyes were like two black pools of nothingness.

He had changed. There was something wrong, I knew it instantly. His eyes - whatever had happened, this was not the Robert F. I saw in his eyes, absolute - like blankness. Black they were, the color, like deep pools of nothingness. No human words could describe what we saw in his face. He came in with a sort of a casual air about him. And from that day on it was like he was gone. And as you know, from that time on he drifted away. With all of the closeness, with all of the miracles that he saw, even to being given the "Jacinta '' photograph, he drifted away.

He returned once, but then after the newspaper article in the [Long Island] Press, being a shy fellow, he did not want to be exposed to any publicity, or anything of the trials that are necessary for the propagation of Heaven's Message. Well, he's no longer with us, of course, and hasn't been for several years, which, sadly, was a great sorrow for all of us, because he was a very close worker.

However, you can perhaps now understand about the forces that are loosed upon earth now, Lucifer and his agents. All hell is open now, and all of the demons are loose from hell; and they enter into the bodies of any man, woman, or child who has fallen out of grace, and will do, then, the will of Lucifer.

And if you ask why is there such a horrible change in the last maybe twenty years in the world, it is only because you're in the latter days now, and Heaven is going to allow you to do battle against Lucifer and his armies. It is the days spoken of and written of in the Bible. It is the days given by the prophets in the past that were to be fought.

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The Zeitoun Apparitions in Egypt But, you see, they could have been for the future if only man had listened in the past to the warnings of the prophets, and to the warnings of the seers, and to the warnings given by Our Lady in Her past visits to earth. It is over the domes of this small church that our Lady appeared to millions for more than a year, starting on the eve of Tuesday, April 2, The church has five domes: the central large dome stands up about 12 meters above the ground surface, surrounded by four smaller domes, each of them is raised 9 meters above the ground.

I, myself, have photographs given to me by a very kind lady who flew over there and took the pictures of Our Lady as She bowed to everyone over the church of Zeitoun, St. Mary's Church, in Zeitoun, Egypt. And I can't understand the silence, why it was kept so silent. But I can understand, then, why it's trying to be silenced here in the United States. And yet there were one hundred appearances of Our Lady in Zeitoun. And many people ask me, even today after all these years, ''Well, wouldn't it be much simpler if Our Lady just appeared to everyone?

Because look what happened in Egypt! Our Lady appeared to everyone. People flew in from all over the world. Photographs were taken of Our Lady appearing over the Coptic church.

Local bishop gives permission for publication of Alicja Lenczewska's conversations with Jesus.

Only a priest wrote a book on it. Father Palmer, I believe. But the media's, the televisions? This was in the sixties, I believe, and they did not broadcast this wondrous appearance. So what can we expect in the United States? A reign of silence, a curtain put down. So even if Our Lady appeared at St. Robert's, what treatment would She get? Perhaps the same, She knows, as at Egypt. Our Lady appeared to over fifty to seventy-five people, including one, of course, very close to our work.

Ann Ferguson [Veronica's personal secretary] was there at the time, and many others who saw Our Lady holding the Infant Jesus in Her arms. But Our Lady appeared to everyone on the grounds.

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At least people were present. Newspapers carried the story. And I tried to get someone to come out of the church, because I remember I sent someone into the rectory, and out came running Father D. But Father D. But as She disappeared into the sky, She moved to the right and became like a golden statuette.

That's the only way I can explain it. But he didn't see anything; he got there too late, Father D. But it was to be. In God's will, it was to be. I guess the grace wasn't given. I can understand that. I guess Father D. But we should not try to figure this one out. Heaven has a plan for the whole Mission, and we just go along and follow the direction of Jesus and Our Lady. But about poor Father D I think I had better go over this and tell you. Father D. The next Mass, we attended the following week, Fr.

McL were in the little room off the altar - the sacristy. My son Raymond and I were in the first pew on the right side and could see in. Something was going on. The look on his face was shock - bewilderment. He made it up the stairs to the pulpit, but when he tried to speak his voice came out a low three screeches.

He could not speak, but rustled some papers, coughed, and finally was able to speak. McL had done something to him. Only God knows. Both Raymond and I were shook up. I will never forget the expression on Rev. When Rev. McL was at St. Robert's rectory, I decided to drive past the rectory around the corner. Jesus had said ''he" would come in a black car. I passed a black car parked in front of the 30 rectory, and came face to face with a horror!

As I looked into the car he tried to pull back against the seat. But I saw his face. It was a gray-blue color, like someone who was dead.

Conversations with Jesus: from St John’s Gospel

I heard the voice of Jesus say: "Mr. It scared me half to death! Jesus also said Fr. McL came to Saint Robert's to get a look at me, also. During the time when Father McL was at St. Robert's - And I tried to do some tracing back. Maybe he was a teacher. I'm not sure, but he was from Douglaston.

And using only we humans as instruments can He do this, though nothing is impossible to God. But I want to read to you because I, too, will enjoy going back through the years. I haven't read these notes in all these years, this book in particular. So I will try to read it now as it was typed.

Some of the spelling and everything is very strange. To photograph for you the copies would be easier, but I will read them, because, perhaps the copies you may not understand because of the spelling and all. Your heart overrules your God-given common sense. Wake up before you suffer much. Why do you care for those who make jest'' j-e-s-t, that would make fun ''of you.

Is not My word to you sufficient? Robert area temporarily. Someone is there now. But it seemed like the family liked to have a lot of fresh air. What you are experiencing is not unusual. You must become more wise in the ways of the world. Your teacher must not, My child, be physical destruction. You are only mortal. Pray for souls. You cannot save them but by prayer. Pray more.

He said, ''Your daughter is being influenced by bad companions. Watch and beware. Her choice of friends should be limited. There are not many who travel in the light. The majority are in the darkness. My mercy knows no bounds. But wasn't Mary Magdalen? Carol wore miniskirts, which I tried to talk her out of. Carol had an underlying knowledge of spirituality; however, she also had a worldly influence of creating the wrong impression upon people with the way she dressed and her style of living. However, if you notice Jesus said here, "Carol, pray for her.

And there are other facts of her life that I prefer not to put on tape, that also caused her to drift away from the work. Now, ''Hearts are hardened and ears are deafened. These creatures called dumb meaning animals i. Though they are dumb creatures, animals - God made them subservient to man - but it is uncanny, the sensibility that animals have to ferret out something about human beings that is not right.

Though they were animals - called dumb animals because they don't speak - they had a degree of intelligence, it was obvious. And they also had a most uncanny knack, let us say, for knowing when someone of bad spirit was to come near my home. That is why Jesus said, "For God gives senses to them. We know that animals were very well loved by St.

Maybe one day St. Francis will tell us more about animals, and why he loved them so. Perhaps he had the balance of the secret of God and His love for animals. Jesus Warns Robert F. Now here, also on the same page, Jesus gave a warning to Robert F. You see, when he went before Father McL at St. Robert's and we didn't see him again, so to say; he became a different person - we knew it immediately. Jesus tried to warn Bob, because here in writing is what I typed that Jesus told me to tell Bob as he sat there.

I typed it out and then read it to him. Keep your heart turned to the light. The attacks will start on you soon. Have no fear. I am watching. Say not a word of what you are told, for it is for your own safety. He is now everywhere. Lucifer in the body of a dead soul, or whatever theologians would call this phenomenon of something entering Father McL, and a very powerful one - Lucifer himself, I believe.

And Bob was being warned at that time that there would be an attack upon him. But in some way or other he must not have heeded the warnings, or fell out of grace in some way: or used his own free will against God's warnings and then went up and received Communion from the individual, Father McL, and he was never the same since. It is written down here, ''Veronica, I am forced to limit your group. How many will hear and turn away? Will there be any faith left when I come?

Have courage. Listen only to My Mother. She will guide you at the Shrine. Veronica warned of her neighbors ''But if I could but show you," now He said, "if I could but show you how they who call themselves friends, call you fool behind your back. Sort out the weeds, thy neighbors. Keep barred doors. They come to take your hospitality, and scorn. I shall send the destruction to gather them up. And, you know, though I am ill, it amazes me, really, reading these notes over, because how true it has all happened.

After reading the article in the magazine, the Rolling Stone magazine, where my neighbors - not all of them; one was very kind - but several of them wrote very derogatory things. And though much of it happened, I look back now and think it must have been penance, because I did not really accept at the time the thought that the neighbors were laughing at me with scorn. I had to learn it in time.

It took a long time before I understood that the neighbors would accept me in this manner. It's like I said, when you know you're telling the truth you feel that people would be able to just look at you and know you're telling the truth. But it doesn't really happen that way. But that's the way I felt it did happen. Anyway, He asked me to bar my doors.

I didn't disobey Jesus' directive at that time. I did live a very retired life. I was so involved in trying to print, alone with a few workers, the messages and get them to the world, that it could have been a 24 hour-a-day mission. Now, also, Jesus then went on. These are direct quotes from what Jesus said to me; they were typed down.

He wanted this all typed down years ago for a reason. And the reason is so clear now before my eyes - everything that happened, and why, the whole story. Now listen. Has she spread the Message at all, My child? Sad to say, My child, she very seldom reads them. In all fairness I don't think I should write out the name. And then Jesus continued, "I have not a wide field, Bob, to choose from.

Now to choose - as They use that word, only Heaven can explain it. I told you that Jesus and Our Lady act very human and understandable when talking with a human. The millennium "My child," He continued, ''all Heaven is in glee" which means they are happy. Have patience and gather the souls. We do not seek to confuse, but there are some things that are not revealed until the right moment.

So that you understand how well protected I was in the early years against Antichrist, Lucifer, entering the house in a human form, Jesus gave me each day a direction. His reign began at age 24 But He did give me this message, quote, in relation to Antichrist: ''He began his reign at He is now 31, going on He is roaming now. He is going to approach you on Friday. He will come in a disguised form.

Open your door to none without the exorcism I have given you. He was in Albany first to promote the murderous evil of the killing of the young " Abortion legalized in Albany through Antichrist In other words, Jesus was saying, if you check back in history, that previous to January He was in Albany first to prompt the murderous evil of the killing of the young. On the next page we go to the date of February 3, I must have written a letter to St. Robert's at the time, which I will try to find in all the back papers that I have, trusting that they haven't been lost.

And as for you: You will go back to satan and tell him these exact words that I have told you. In the name of the Father, the Son. Robert's were not moved to alertness by your letters. They handed them over in jest" j-e-s-t ''to the deceiver. Woe to this evil situation! Woe to the blindness of My clergy! My hand will fall heavy upon them. Robert's to bring discord and divide and conquer, I wrote a letter to Monsignor McDonald to alert him to this.

And instead, obviously, this letter was given over - shown to Father McL as a big joke. And this is what Jesus had said "They at St. They handed them over in jest to the deceiver. And it left me very spent and very upset emotionally, because they were unbelievers. And I find that to entertain unbelievers has also a debilitating effect upon me, because it drained me also, and it left me, naturally, upset. Because, Loving Jesus and Our Lady. And thus on February 3, , the exact words of Jesus were these: ''Prepare for the battle for souls. You are a fine disciple. Present at this time were Ben and Mary S.

And I don't believe anyone else but Raymond was there. But Jesus had me write these very words. Quote, I'm reading right here from the page 39 40 ''You are not ignorant of the world about you. The Holy Spirit works at My command. Remain in the state of grace and you will be guided in the light. That must have been for Mary S. I do not send very heavy crosses to children.

Coward as he is. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Wear your armor, the Rosary and the medal. He will find it difficult to penetrate. Courageous will be My chosen souls in battle. Then I will bring down the kingdom to all the elect. This message, I feel, will give courage to all the world. It was given to me by Jesus on February 11, And I'm going to repeat it over, due to the fact that I find that sometimes the words are not printed exactly as Jesus has given them. I must see all written work before it's given to the world, for Jesus is perfection and the world must receive His words with perfection, with no changes.

The Holy Spirit works at My commands. Coward as he is, he has a good tool, fear! He Lucifer will find it difficult to penetrate. Then I will bring down the Kingdom to all the elect. And all about it is a black band of mourning, like was worn years ago on the arms of a person - they wore a band around their arm, their upper arm, when someone died in their family.

And underneath this drawing of the church it was written - we were told to write by Saint Michael, "Darkness in the House places a band of death upon the House. A Church in darkness wears a band of death about it. Raymond did not find it difficult because. You just do it without any question. And joyfully you do it. That may be difficult for some to understand, and yet others who will receive the grace will understand what I'm talking about. My son, Raymond, thirteen years of age, was with me when we received a message from Our Lady.

This was around May 5, The date is right on the paper, May 5, Our Lady said at the time, quote, to Raymond and I: "All is well. The Antichrist is gone. Have no more worry, for only the work for My Shrine needs to be done. No more for now, My child. I was very ill. Though he was a writer for Jesus and heard much and saw much, Raymond did not like to attend the vigils, as a fact.

Because he came once and he was most embarrassed that everyone rushed him and made a big fuss over him. And 43 Raymond was a very retiring boy. And so knowing how he felt, I did not ask him to come to the vigils unless he professed a wish to go. And it was God's plan, though, because as I became immersed in having to spend many hours in trying to print the Message and get the messages out I was very tired. V eronica exhausted after Vigil Message And receiving the Message as a voice box from Heaven has a tremendous strain on your vitality.

The day after a Vigil I'm usually very dehydrated, very tired.