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Treat this journey as an adventure, like a child in pure wonder of what is unfolding. Your inner child yearns for this and so much more. Love Fearlessly and Always Unconditionally. Blessings and Namaste. Thank you for showing your support and keeping our website and Love Energies moving forward! Thanks for supporting your family of light in their time of need to fulfill mission.

We are Eternally Grateful! Book an Incredible Session With Mother of all Creation to assist you further along your path with uncovering blockages, performing Chakra Diagnosis, full assessment of the E. We have just began these and they are incredible. Highly recommend for any families struggling together in these times of intense changes. We are preparing everyone in the Ascension Process, and are happy to announce our new service for all those on the path back home into the Heart… The LoveHasWon Personal Ascension Assessment.

There are two elements to the Ascension Assessment, one consists of an E. O Review to identify the exact amounts of each limiting E. O trait that is embodied. The second is Chakra Assessment. Visit the link below for more information. Spiritually awoken in late I connected with Mother soon after.

I became a spiritual counselor, holistic practitioner, spiritual investigator, writer, lead editor, video blogger, webmaster and Co-Creator of New Earth along my years in our spiritual journey. Our astrology services are unique and unlike any other in the world, as they are done through the 5D higher consciousness perspective.

Metatron’s Golden Keys of Self Mastery Workshop

We apply our 5D knowledge and understanding of the current energetics into all reports and sessions. Our journey into achieving divine vibration has allowed us to access unity consciousness, which no one else on the planet has done.

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Embracing Angelic Light Frequencies. Many of you carry doubt, many of you carry fears still and some of you are struggling with resistance which is manifesting into physical neuralgic pains. Know that all you are experiencing is the resistance of the dismantlement of the old Human template form. I wish to aid and support you in this upgrade to make the process of the coming years easier for you.

Those who embark at this stage are fully awakening and activating the Diamond Light frequencies within will find not only a great upgrade in your vibration and your conscious awareness but also in your physical form and energy levels. Know that you are here on Earth at this time as way showers, as star seeds, as light workers, to create the new Central Ascension Codes which are cosmic openings within the body.

As Gaia prepares to upgrade her template on 15th December you will all be ready for the massive jolt of energy that will spread through like a lightening bolt your central nervous system.

Metatron’s Golden Keys of Self Mastery Workshop

Many of you recognise that the way to harness this exciting experience on Earth is to utilise the opportunity to realign yourself with your Soul Mastery codes which are unique to all of you and yet you have forgotten because of the shut down of the sacred secretions in your brains. But I offer you the Golden Light Keys through sacred geometry to allow you to have a full experience of the Earth upgrade template and be able to handle the ramifications that are an outfall for Humanity at large for this shift within Gaia.

You are being called as pioneers to support this shift by the anchoring of these Golden Codes and to allow yourselves, through your spiritual evolution and understanding, to be anchors for the morphic field changes that occur after the period of the 12th to the 15th December.

5 tracks to access wisdom held within DNA memory

The upgrading of the Golden Keys Of Light will run from this transmission forth for years to come. I will be creating the sacred portal which will allow the light within your DNA to always connect to the latest frequency upgrades of Gaia.

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Know that as these shifts occur this transmission will offer you the opportunity for the greatest soul awakening to date for you. Alphedia Arara will be channeling Archangel Metatron and supporting your healing journey and upgrade with sound healing as well as crystal attunements and providing a sacred space for you all to harness the opportunity for this next exciting stage of soul evolution.

Distance Option includes your name called into the Sacred space at the start and an MP3 recording of the meditation sent out to you shortly after completion. Eight crystals specially programmed to create a portal direct to Archangel Metatron to facilitate your connection and communication. Add to Basket. Sunday 17th March 1.

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