The Road to Reckoning

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The role of media institutions today is more important than ever. And that understanding runs deeper than images and text, to the source, the context, the delivery channel, and much more. The revolution will not be qualified; it will be quantified. The media business is positioned better than ever to expose the value of their work and drive their business forward.

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Putting an emphasis on trust, the value of a media brand is in its operation and its reputation. Media business leaders need to keep their eye on the road. How can they secure and deliver information that is validated, honest and objective? And through that, expose that their organizations differentiate from other less reputable players in the space.

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To emphasize this value, media must prove its worth. That seems frustrating, especially because many of these institutions have been in business for decades, even centuries. However, when you ask someone to pay for something, you must give them a reason why. In order to be successful, the media business must be subscribed to, not just supported.

That means creating a product market fit that is both helpful and necessary. Building value means exposing the underlying components for all to see.

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To severely oversimplify: The greatest value of the media industry is in its effort. The practices behind media, and the process by which information is researched, created, edited, and published is what drives its purpose and differentiation from imitators. How many page views, referrals, visits, and shares does a piece of information garner?

Because of this, and how information is distributed social platforms, search, applications , information has become commoditized. The value of a viral video is measured the same as an investigative expose, even though the investment in each is severely different. And gaming that system is how we continue to not just commoditize our worth, but blur the value between information and misinformation. And because of this, not all media can be valued equally.

But how did we get here?

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Joey Denham is a teacher, artist and writer, whose novella Sometime Like Apes is available to buy now. I too am a fan of this genre, and also really enjoyed The Sisters Brothers so I might have to check this one out, enjoyed reading the first chapter of SLA on your blog too. Go to Long live the anti-western… Joey Denham is a teacher, artist and writer, whose novella Sometime Like Apes is available to buy now.

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Recklessness, a reckoning, and the road forward: The role of media institutions today

Robert Lautner was born in Middlesex, England, in He lives on the coast of Pembrokeshire, Wales, in a wooden cabin with his wife and children. What the two books most have in common is elegant writing and an air of historical authenticity. Unforgettable characters give the book an unexpected staying power. Provides a harrowing glimpse into a period of America that history books have tended to neglect. I could picture the events happening as if I were watching a movie.

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None of this is to discount the frontier charm of Road to Reckoning or the appealing voice of its protagonist, Thomas, a worthy successor to Mattie Ross. Great stuff. Lautner manages character maturation sans the usual sentiment associated with wide-eyed narration. Thomas recounts these formative events of his youth through the hindsight of adulthood with wisdom that makes him an appealing narrator with a knack for a poetic turn of phrase. The descriptions of the wilderness and cities of 19th century Pennsylvania feel particularly alive and specific.

The story is a comforting pleasure with many rewards. I am interested in seeing what he writes next.