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ViVi ViVi — Another top magazine that is perfect for the adult-gal look. Sweet Sweet — Is currently the top selling fashion magazine geared towards something year old females who enjoy current mainstream fashion. It appeals to the more casual, stylish girl who likes to spend a bit of money. Each issue comes with a cute present! While being trendy and girly, it also aims to be cool. Can Cam Can Cam — This magazine is very popular among office ladies and university women who strive to be leaders.

They have a lot of different outfits every issue and mix and match inexpensive items with some luxury accessories. Very portrays women as strong and gentle with all around beauty. It includes articles on interior decoration as well as food culture, which are a hit with family-oriented women. It has a more international approach to fashion than is typical, creating a more high fashion, global gal look. Fudge features many foreign models and is great for women preferring more adult and boyish look that is still cute.

The magazine covers a wide range of topics including fashion, cars, sports, travel, and music. It appeals to college students who want to incorporate the latest trends but for a low price.

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Nothing here is too extreme; this magazine features fashion that is safe for an all-around guy. This is a must have magazine for the serious fashionista as it includes many styling tips from real world professionals.

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