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Some of them make as much as they would at a traditional job outside the home. This is the world that Josi Denise , a year-old pregnant mother of three, inhabited until May Denise started blogging in She was 24 and married with two young children, living in Miami Beach, Fla. She was working 60 to 70 hours a week when the relative who watched her kids had to move away suddenly, and Denise was faced with a decision: Keep working and put her children, then ages 1 and 4, in day care 10 hours a day, or quit her job?

She opted for the latter, putting her career on hold to stay home until the kids were a little older. But Denise quickly realized that she was bored and restless. This was right around the time Instagram was getting popular, and she had been occasionally sharing recipes and anecdotes to good response.

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At first, Denise was excited — other mom bloggers were encouraging, and it was thrilling that she could possibly create a career. In the beginning, starting a blog is inexpensive. If I wanted to make money — and I did — it was all going to be a sponsor game. There are companies that act as the middleman between brands and bloggers and they post sponsorship opportunities — a k a shopportunities. To prove herself, a blogger might do a few posts for free, writing about a product she already has and uses. If this attracts notice from the brand managers, it could lead to a few paid posts.

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Since Denise had already been working in marketing, she knew how to play the game. Soon, she had her pick of brands.

Those numbers are crucial for bloggers to land more paid gigs, but her chirpiness on her blog was in stark contrast to her own unhappy marriage. Still, Denise had a huge following: 50, unique page views per month on her site. We did it a month ago so the content would be ready. Her children were mostly good-natured about all the photos she took, but that in itself began to concern her.

And then there was the free stuff.

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One agency coordinates the bloggers, and the amenities are taken care of by sponsors. With such trips, there is generally no contract or promise made to write about the event — the expectation was unspoken. But she spent the sponsored two-day trip wondering why she was there. Feeling out of place, Denise skipped the rest of the planned events and watched the rocket launch alone on the beach that night, no credential badge required. She started to plan family time around paid posts. It all took away from real time with my kids. These kinds of dual sponsorship opportunities were common.

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Still, that leaves no time to live your life. Something had to give.

It was and Denise had just had her third child. Suffering from postpartum depression, she had a prescription for anti-anxiety meds, a first for her. She was overwhelmed, and starting to go through a divorce. She started a relationship with the man who has been her best friend since she was Utilize your partner if you've got one and your family or friends based on their strengths.

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