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India has recently initiated the first phase deployment of Biometric e-Passport for all passport holders in India and abroad. The passport contains a security chip with personal data and digital images.

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Initially, the new passports will have a 64KB chip with a photograph of passport holder and subsequently include the holder's fingerprint s. The biometric passport has been tested with passport readers abroad and is noted to have a 4-second response time — less than that of a US Passport 10 seconds. The passport need not be carried in a metal jacket for security reasons as it first needs to be passed through a reader, after which generates access keys to unlock the chip data for reader access.

India has also given out a contract to Tata Consultancy Services for issuing e-passports through Passport Seva Kendra. India plans to open 77 such centers across the country to issue these passports. The e-passport is under the first phase of deployment and will be initially restricted to diplomatic passport holders. It is available to ordinary citizens from onwards [99]. Indonesia started issuing e-Passports on 26 January Iran started issuing biometric diplomatic and service passports in July Ordinary biometric passports began to be issued on 20 February Starting February 1, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior introduced new electronic system to issue the new A series biometric passports in contract with the German SAFE ID Solutions, the new series is a machine-readable biometric passport available to the public which cost 25, dinars or about USD Since July , the Israeli Ministry of the Interior has been issuing biometric passports for those citizens who wish to receive them.

For a 2-year pilot period under the Biometric Database Law , this was optional.

As of August , any passport expiring in more than 2 years can be replaced with a biometric one upon request, free of charge. Passports expiring within 2 years will be charged the full fee. The program review that was supposed to be concluded in was postponed by order of the Minister of the Interior to a later date, due to the controversy regarding the creation of the Biometric Database rather than storing the biometric data only within the passport's chip, as is the practice in many other countries. Since , the pilot period has been extended until In May , the pilot period ended. Newly issued passports are required to be biometric.

To obtain a biometric passport, an applicant must appear in an Interior Ministry office "to be photographed by the special camera which records information such as facial bone structure, distance between one's eyes, ears to eyes and ratio of facial features one from another. One will also be fingerprinted and all this information will be contained in the new high-tech electronic passport. The Japanese government started issuing biometric passports in March With this, Japan has met requirements under the US Visa Waiver Program which calls for countries to roll out their biometric passports before 26 October On 1 September the Directorate of Immigration and Registration of persons under the Ministry of Interior and National Coordination announced Kenya would start the rollout of the newly launched electronic passport.

The new generation E-passport would contain a microprocessor chip that would contain biometrics such as fingerprints, facials and signature including other vital information, which is all ICAO compliant. The launch was highly anticipated as the launch was previously scheduled to be on April Applications are to be done online. Currently, you will most likely have to travel back to Kenya for the capture of the biometric data and the passport manufacture.

Kenya plans to invalidate old style passports on 31 August In May , the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Kosovo announced that biometric passports would be issued in the summer of after the winning firm is chosen and awarded the production of the passports. The Interior Ministry announced that by late older non-biometric passports will no longer be valid for use. In September , the Ministry of Foreign Affair of Laos has announced that the biometric passports will roll out after 30 June The French state-run printing firm, Imprimerie Nationale , carries on the official printing works of both the Lebanese and French governments.

Date of introduction is uncertain. However, the enabling statute was tabled in November Applications for electronic passports and electronic travel permits have been started and processed since 1 September The passport is available since and costs , Ariary. Since September , it is mandatory for Malagasy citizens to depart the country with a biometric passport.

Malaysia was the first country in the world to issue biometric passports in , [3] after a local company, IRIS Corporation, developed the technology. Malaysia is however not a member of the Visa Waiver Program VWP and its first biometric passport did not conform to the same standards as the VWP biometric document because the Malaysian biometric passport was issued several years ahead of the VWP requirement.

The difference lies in the storage of fingerprint template instead of fingerprint image in the chip, the rest of the technologies are the same. Also the biometric passport was designed to be read only if the receiving country has the authorisation from the Malaysian Immigration Department. Malaysia used to issue passports with validity for 2 years and 5 years, but the passport with 2 years validity was withdrawn since January The pricing for a Malaysian passport are RM approximately USD 50 with 5 years validity, RM approximately USD 25 for senior citizens, children below 12, Hajj pilgrims, and students below 21 and studying abroad is RM and is free for disabled citizens.

Maldives started rolling out its new ePassport to its citizens on 26 July The new passport follows a completely new design, and features the passport holder's facial and fingerprint information as biometric identifiers.

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A page Ordinary passport will cost Rf, while a page Ordinary passport will cost Rf Children under the age of 10 years and people applying for passports through diplomatic missions abroad will be issued with a page non-electronic Ordinary passport, which will cost Rf The Moldovan biometric passport is available from 1 January The passport of the Republic of Moldova with biometric data contains a chip which holds digital information, including the holder's signature, as well as the traditional information. It is valid for 7 years for persons over 7 and 4 years for persons less than 7 respectively.

It was introduced as a request of European Union to safeguard the borders between the E. The Mongolian ministry of interior stated that first biometric passport will be issue at the end of The issuance of the biometric passports was launched 6 May The Moroccan biometric passport was introduced in In December , early limited trials have been extended, and the biometric passport is available from 25 September to all Moroccan citizens holders of an electronic identity card. Mozambique started to issue biometric passports in September The issuance of such passports was suspended 40 days later but was resumed in February Namibia began to issue biometric passports to its citizens on 8 January There are two identifying factors: the small symbol on the front cover indicating that an electronic chip has been embedded in the passport, and the polycarbonate leaf in the front version of the book inside which the chip is located.

Like Australia, New Zealand has installed SmartGates into airports to allow New Zealand ePassport and ePassport holders of 4 other countries Australia, Canada, UK, and US to clear immigration controls more rapidly, and facial recognition technology has been installed at immigration gates.

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However, in the New Zealand government approved for the reinstatement of a year validity period for passports, with all passports issued after December being valid for 10 years. Nigeria is currently one of the few nations in Africa that issues biometric passports, and has done it since Travellers' data captured in the biometric passport can be accessed instantly and read by any security agent from any spot of the globe through an integrated network of systems configured and linked to a centrally-coordinated passport data bank managed by the Nigerian Immigrations Service.

Motorola's new system enabled multiple public agencies to digitally capture and store fingerprints, 2D facial images and signatures for passports and visas. Oman has started issuing biometric passports and replacing older passports, since the end of In , Pakistan became one of the first countries in the world to issue biometric passports compliant with ICAO standards and dubbed Multi-biometric e-Passports. However, they did not carry the "chip inside" symbol , which is mandatory for ICAO-standard electronic passports.

In May , Pakistan's interior minister launched a project officially and promised that ePassports would be available fully in for citizens. Panama has issued biometric passports since On 21 February , the Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciones announced that the first Peruvian biometric passports would be delivered by 26 February It will feature a new cover, along with several security improvements, in order to be exempted for visas for the Schengen Area.

On 11 August , the first biometric passport was issued to then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. A Qatari passport costs QR Russian biometric passports were introduced in Russian biometric passports are currently issued within Russia and in all of its consulates. Vincent and the Grenadines has issued biometric passports as of March 4, Available since 7 July , and cost 3.

With this, Singapore has met requirements under the US Visa Waiver Program which calls for countries to roll out their biometric passports before 26 October The new "e-passport" of Somalia was introduced and approved by the nation's Transitional Federal Government on 10 October Somalia is now the first country on the African continent to have introduced the "e-passport".

The cost is fixed to 55, Won or 55 US Dollars, and the validity of ordinary passport is 5 years and 10 years. South Sudan started issuing electronic passports on 3 January Biometric passports were first issued in Slovakia in The latest version was issued in and contains a contactless chip in the biodata card that meets ICAO specifications. As at October , all new passports require both thumbs to be scanned and a digital facial mapping photograph be taken during the issuing process. The Republic of the Sudan started issuing electronic passports to citizens in May The new electronic passport will be issued in three categories.

The citizen's passport ordinary passport will be issued to ordinary citizens and will contain 48 pages. Smaller passports that contain 32 pages only will be issued to children. The microprocessor chip will contain the holder's information. The validity of the citizen's passport will be five years, or seven years for the commercial passport. The Swiss biometric passport has been available since 4 September By a narrow majority of The Taiwanese biometric passport has been available since 29 December During this period, the passport has been redesigned various times.

The current e-passport or known as biometric passport is fitted with RFID technology that facilitates Taiwanese passport immigration clearances worldwide. Biometric passports will be issued in Tajikistan from 1 February On 27 August , Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs and German Muhlbauer signed a contract on purchase of blank biometric passports and appropriate equipment for Tajikistan. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand [] introduced the first biometric passport for Diplomats and Government officials on 26 May From 1 June , a limited quantity of passports a day was issued for Thai citizens, however, on 1 August a full operational service was installed and Thailand became the first country in Asia to issue an ICAO compliant biometric passport.

In August , Togo became one of the first African countries to introduce biometric passports. For Togolese residing abroad, the price varies. The Tunisia ministry of interior stated that it will start issuing biometric passports at the end of year which did not happen. Turkish passports which are compatible with European Union standards have been available since 1 June Accordingly, regular passports; claret red, special passports; bottle green and diplomatic passports wrap black colours.

Most recently [ when? The passport is available since 10 July According to law, Ukraine was supposed to issue biometric passports and identity cards on 1 January The biometric version of the U. However, the chip is large enough 64 kilobytes for inclusion of biometric identifiers. The U. Department of State first issued these passports in , and since August issues biometric passports only. Non-biometric passports are valid until their expiration dates. Although a system able to perform a facial-recognition match between the bearer and his or her image stored on the contactless chip is desired [ citation needed ] , it is unclear when such a system will be deployed by the U.

Department of Homeland Security at its ports of entry. A high level of security became a priority for the United States after the attacks of 11 September High security required cracking down on counterfeit passports. In October , the production stages of this high-tech passport commenced as the U. The driving force of the initiative is the U. Enhanced Border Security and Visa Entry Reform Act of also known as the "Border Security Act" , which states that such smartcard identity cards will be able to replace visas.

As for foreigners travelling to the U. Additionally, for travellers holding a valid passport issued on or after 26 October , such a passport must be a biometric passport if used to enter the U. In November , Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Delta Air Lines have opened the nation's first curb-to-gate biometric terminal, which promises to improve aviation security while moving travelers faster through screening.

The Uruguayan Ministry of the Interior started to issue biometric passports to Uruguayan citizens on 16 October The new passport complies with the standards set forth by the Visa Waiver Program of the United States. In accordance with this decree, biometric passports will be phased in, beginning with 1 January In the first phase, the biometric passport will be issued to employees of ministries, departments and agencies of the republic, individuals who travel abroad or outside the country, as well as citizens who receive a passport in connection with the achievement of a certain age or for other grounds provided by law.

The second phase will be for the rest of the population who will be able to get new passports for the period from to The chip has photo and fingerprints data. Introduced in June Media related to Biometric passports at Wikimedia Commons. Both have a small part of their territories in the European part of the Caucasus. Kazakhstan has a small part of its territories located west of the Urals in Eastern Europe. Egypt has a small part of its territory in Western Asia called Sinai Peninsula.

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