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Besides writing, he has been a science consultant for several film companies. He lives in San Francisco, California.

Series: Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime series

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Paul Preuss Arthur C. Clarke's Venus Prime 2 22, Clarke's Venus Prime 4 19, Clarke's Venus Prime 5 14, Arthur C Clarke 21, Clarke : A Space Odyssey 11, Clark , the Final Odyssey 8, Simon Lang The Trumpets of Tagan 24, Wil Mccarthy Flies from the Amber 16, Anathea N Krrill The Odyssey 18, Bekijk de hele lijst. Stel een vraag. Later novels, more rigorously Hard SF in their construction, back away sharply from such exuberance, gearing themselves more strictly ito extrapolations based on contemporary science.

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The first volume of the loose Peter Slater sequence — comprising Broken Symmetries and Secret Passages — concerns the human and political implications of the markedly plausible discovery by Scientists of a subatomic particle of explosive military potential; the tone of the book has several times been compared with that of Gregory Benford 's Timescape Human Error similarly examines the ethical implications of a development in Genetic Engineering , bearing some resemblance to the practically simultaneous Blood Music June Analog ; exp by Greg Bear.

The second volume is a Godgame tale whose protagonists, drawn to a Greek Island by a famous but mysterious physicist, find that their quests for personal redemption have been guided towards a regenerative understanding of history as being dependent upon the realities we create.

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Rather less interestingly, Preuss then became involved in the Venus Prime sequence of novels tied to works and some concepts generated by Arthur C Clarke. The sequence — Breaking Strain , Maelstrom , Hide and Seek , The Medusa Encounter , The Diamond Moon and The Shining Ones — features the long hegira of its bio-engineered protagonist, Sparta, in her search through the solar system, beginning with a vast Space Habitat orbiting Venus , for the secret of her birth or, perhaps, fabrication , as part of an aeons'-long scheme to Uplift Homo sapiens.