Hidden Horizons: the Art of Hiding

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Look for barnacles, limpets, cockles, sea anemones , blennies, butterfish, sea squirts and sea hares. There are waders, sea birds and migrant species to spot too. Can't tell a barnacle from a limpet or maybe you'd like to learn about edible seaweeds, then don't miss one of Hidden Horizons rock-pooling trips.

You'll find an abundance of flora and fauna in any of our woodlands. Flora favourites include primrose, bluebells, yellow archangel, wood anemone, cow-wheat and violets. If you get up early enough — or if you walk late enough — you may see both roe and fallow deer.

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Other mammal species that might be encountered are more relatively common: badger , fox, stoat, weasel, wood mouse and shrew. The North York Moors' forests are also home to at least one pine marten albeit elusive. If you'd like an insight into the world of professional wildlife photography, they also have high-spec professional photographic equipment and super telephoto lenses available to hire.

Or combine the best of woodland and moorland wildlife on one of Yorkshire Coast Nature's Wildlife Safaris. Running from April onwards, you can expect to see plenty of the North York Moors' iconic wildlife around at the time of your trip. Badger watching trips are organised by Hidden Horizons to a purpose built hide in one of the North York Moors' forests from May until September.

Please contact Hidden Horizons for more information and to book a place. There's a permanent Raptor Viewpoint in Wykeham Forest where you may see merlin, goshawks, honey buzzards, common buzzards, red kite, peregrine, and sparrowhawks but if not, the superb view over Troutsdale will make up for any disappointment.

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A webcam back in the centre at Danby provides live pictures from some of the nestboxes while over species of bird have been recorded at Scaling Dam; ospreys are often seen on their migratory journeys. Over at Sutton Bank National Park Centre , the well-stocked bird bistro attracts all sorts, you may even be lucky enough to see a turtle dove in spring and early summer. Birdline Northeast is a 24 hour answerphone service provides up-to-date bird news from around the region for that day. Further details and directions, including useful OS map references, follow. The message is updated several times a day.

Call , it is charged at 60p per minute. There wasn't a fight, was there? They're tiptoeing like it was. Have I missed something? The opening credit music quiets everyone almost instantly. After asking Athena to dim the lights, Fareeha carefully makes her way back to the couch and settles in behind Angela, laying across the two seat cushions left by Satya.

With one hand in Angela's wing and the other propping up her head so she can see the movie, Fareeha finally feels as if she can rest easy. Fareeha grumbles as Lena slides over the back of the couch and crouches over Fareeha's extended legs.

Angela responds grumpily, but in a way that means she's only pretending to be. Lena sits right behind Fareeha's knees and scratches softly at the nearest wing. Lucio joins them on the couch, squeezing Fareeha and Lena closer and joining in on the petting party. Brigitte has the decency to sit on the floor next to Angela at least, taking care not to squash Satya's legs. I can't deny that I prefer this genre. Clever games and complicated plots with an element of thrill. The snack bowls pass through and Satya makes herself a cup to scoop up some of the sweet mix.

A quick pair of chopsticks keeps her fingers from getting dirty while she eats. The light of Satya creating something is harder to ignore when her head is this close to her lap. Fareeha looks up, flashing her biggest puppy eyes at the architect. Satya finally realizes she's being stared at. Fareeha looks from Satya's chopsticks to her own napkin of trail mix. I knew I shouldn't have given in.

Satya's heart has stopped and restarted several times since Fareeha said what she surely did not mean. At least she doesn't seem embarrassed by the notion. If Satya's heart flutters helplessly at the implications of that observation, she absolutely ignores it.

Strange Horizons - Steganography: How to Send a Secret Message By Bryan Clair

The look on Hana's face is nothing short of devastated. Off the couch! Get out! All of you! The petting crew scatters with a chorus of startled yelps and disgruntled whining as Angela stands, flaring her wings dramatically. Now, behave. Fareeha moved out of the way as soon as Angela started flapping, taking her snacks and chopsticks with her. Once the rest of them slunk away, Angela settled grumpily onto the couch once more. Fareeha carefully curls up in the shell Angela creates with her right wing. Her warm presence is a balm to her sensitive under feathers.

Satya stands next to the couch, unsure and confused. Her head's still spinning, but not as fast as her heart is beating. Fareeha smiles at Satya in the most reassuring way she knows, an apology and an invitation in one. Why is Hana poking fun anyway? Fareeha wrinkles her nose, then covers the sour expression with a forced sneeze.

Satya would be a wonderful girlfriend. With concentration, Angela shakes her open wing in a clear invitation, trying to pretend that everyone else isn't pretending to watch the movie. Angela breathes a sigh of relief, drowned out by the montage of past heists, as Satya silently climbs back over the couch arm and joins them on the couch. Angela can't concentrate on the screen at all. For the past ten minutes, Satya has sat cross-legged on the left side of the couch, determinedly pecking at her snacks with her chopsticks.

The Horizon

One piece after the other, daintily placing each one in her mouth. Angela glances at the screen. Soon there will be a car chase, if she remembers correctly. Not as loud as a fight scene, but better than the sneaky scenes happening now. The tension of the heist isn't helping how flustered Angela's getting trying to compose a proper apology.

Minutes slip by but words continue to evade her. I never meant to hurt you but I did. If you could somehow… if we could just go back to normal and start over I swear I won't make these decisions on my own again. When they both turn to look at her, she shrugs. They're also not being terribly quiet to begin with, but Fareeha has the remote.

No one's complaining about the volume yet. Angela nods as Satya points to the space between her and Angela. Slowly, in case Angela misunderstood, Satya turns so her back rests against Angela's shoulder and stretches her legs out alongside her wing. She pulls Fareeha in closer and rests her head against Satya's ever so carefully. Angela exhales softly. The rest of the movie passes in a blur. And the end art is by yours truly! Fullsize is here on my pillowfort and my tumblr rip! I've had this scene in my head, and in my sketchbook, since February or so?

Maybe earlier Feel free to comment or ask me on curiouscat! Okay let's see No, I don't want to talk about it. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Get an Invitation. Toward Hidden Horizons kinaesthetique.

Chapter 8 : catharsis Summary: n. I still haven't recovered! Just pick another movie! Something is still missing. And nothing in pink, green, or purple could explain where the missing link was. She glances at her watch. I cannot go outside like this. Ignorance truly was bliss. Her thought train continues as stretches the new ribbon from palm to palm, twice. When did that truth extend to something more? Satya extends one foot, takes a deep breath and spins: right foot, one two, left foot, three four, right foot ,five— Why can't I dismiss this?

The ribbon spins with her, faster and faster, nine, ten, eleven- How could I dismiss this? She keeps her eyes closed to the blurred sights of her room, fifteen— twenty— twenty-five— Satya stops spinning and shakily sinks to the floor, crumpling the ribbon in her lap. It drowns out the remainder of her thoughts— save for one: I want to go back to normal.

Satya leans back against her bed and watches the ceiling spin. But, it's been over a year and we're still here, so… When she pushes the double doors open she's not surprised to find Mei and Aleks already curled up on one of the beat-up love seats. Er, right. Let Aleks pick the movie next time, got it. Satya gets to her feet. This will pass, just like the others. The first step to achieving normal is to act normal.

See a Problem?

Nothing has to change. Her wings flare upon seeing Fareeha in the rec room. She feels them do it. Perhaps it's the rustling but Fareeha turns and notices her standing there. Fantasy then? The thought must show on her face because Fareeha frowns. Just throwing in a suggestion. Isn't there an adventure category?

Let's look there. It's not there. Satya has a system for that, does she not? They can wait a few minutes. Why is it not there? Uncertain, Satya thinks fast. What are we watching? It's not quite superheroes, unfortunately. A few are mutinous. Oh, Satya. Fareeha, please. For Satya. Angela glances Fareeha's way. She nods back.

The Horizon

That'll need a check-up before bed. But it's too late.

It happened again. Satya looks terrified. But what else could have caused that except for me? A great culture cannot arise from a historical vacuum or from mere borrowings from invading nomads, as many current accounts of ancient India suggest. We have tried to make the book relevant and alive for the modern reader, especially the youth.

The book seeks to inspire as well as to inform, to turn the history of India into a cultural experience rather than a technical presentation only. The book is something like a page ride down the Sarasvati River. For those who want more information on these subjects, we urge the reader to look into our other books and those given in the bibliography. We also provide references and informative endnotes running throughout the text. The history of India is one of the worlds great cultural and spiritual adventures, which all people should study and can learn a great deal from.

Just as the Angkor Wat, a wonder of the world built a thousand years ago was one such manifestation, we see the Swaminarayan Akshardham today as the monument for the new millennium. This is the spirit that we have tried to capture in the book. We will be gratified if the readers can feel the grandeur and the wonder which the authors have felt in writing the book. Our hope is that our work does justice to the great civilization of India and helps renew and revitalize it for coming generations.

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    From the Jacket Hidden Horizons- Unearthing 10, Years of Indian Culture explores the recent research in archaeology, geology, ecology, linguistics, science, marine archaeology and other relevant fields which throw light on the real history of India. Highlights 1 2. East to West Movement of Civilization Post a Comment. Post a Query. Based on your browsing history.