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Diabetes online risk assessment. Home Assist Service. Mole Scanning Service. Help with problem skin. Skin Scanning Service. As for saving money, we always do the ding plan but have breakfast in the room. Last time we used Amazon to ship diapers, paper plates and bowls, cereal, snacks, etc to the resort and it was delivered to our room on arrival. It was cheaper that pain luggage fees for an extra bag or purchasing the same items at local grocery stores. We had perishables and cases of water delivered by Garden Grocer, which was also cheaper than the parks or catching a can to the store.

We are going back in January — our first time that time of year. And tips or changes to look out for? Those are such good tips! Our next trip to Disney will probably be with my niece, who will be 4 or 5. There are always new changes to Disney every time you go. If you download the scavenger hunt we created, some of it should definitely be adaptable for your kiddos, especially the 10 year old.

My son said it was sort of grey looking in daytime without the lighting. The wait time for the ride at 8pm was 2 and a half hours!!.

Our Guests Arrive!

We skipped it. The main point being to go after dark to see the lighting. But it sounds magical! Hey lia, thanks for all the great suggestions! We are visiting for the first time next summer. We are staying on site for 16 nights. The suggestion about going to first ride when park opens and then using fast pass is great. Thanks so much…Andrew. What a wonderful post! When I was younger I auditioned for Disneyland as a singer but did not make it. Thank you for these great tips!

How to Do Disney: A Disney Parks Guide by a Former Cast Member

I have been doing a lot of research for my daughter who is going to Disneyland in March. Do you have any suggestions that was not mentioned in your post that might help make this a less crazy couple of days? She is 12 years old and loves rollers coasters. Whoops, just saw this comment! I hope you had a great trip. Love this article. We will be going on our 4th trip in June ugh, hot, lines, I know… Anyway, this is 1st time my 31 yr old son can join us with his wife She is NOT excited…. I am just flabbergasted- what girl has never wanted to BE a Disney Princess?!?! I saw the Drinks Around the World Showcase, but is there anything else I can use to entice excitement or even surprise her with while we are there???

Maybe have her pick a restaurant to make reservations at in the World Showcase — nothing gets me more excited than looking forward to an amazing meal. Or you could do something else outside of the parks, like the Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom or even just spending a day at one of the 2 water parks. Just out of interest, Amy, how did it go? Did your DIL fall in love with Disney? Hope your trip was totally magical. Great information! I have a question…. They are making an exception in letting us do this and the one downfall is this fast pass issue…. I am not worried about me… but I am worried about my son… what are the chances the cast members would allow him to ride with the group..

I would actually ask the Cast Member who helps you with your annual pass. Or a concierge at your resort, or someone who works at a desk with a computer. Best of luck! Im putting off visiting Dysney anything until my kids are old enough to know about it and whinge — but this will come in helpful when I do! Safe D begins with me! Once upon a time I had a dream of being a Disney cast member. These are wonderful tips! Love insider tips. I have never been to Disney and it is on my list.

I have pinned to use when we plan a trip. My 1 Disney item is my 3L Camelbak for sure! I have a question on Booking with hotelscombined, if you do it this way and link as you say. Can you still purchase the tickets and dining package? I was looking and it is so much cheaper to book this way but we really want to get the dining package.

Hey Stacie!

8 Sleep Mistakes Moms Make (To Get Overtired Baby To Sleep)

They said you CAN add on a dining package to a third party resort package but you have to purchase it at the same time! You should be able to book your dining package along with your resort on whatever third party site you use. BUT you cannot add your dining package on after you book your resort if you go through a third party. Just curious. So guests are being herded in certain directions the minute the park closes, and then as guests filter out one by one, cast members begin to close off more areas with barriers to make the available areas smaller, and so on until all of the traffic has cleared.

After the park closes overnight, crews of maintenance men, painters, and other magic-makers arrive in their equipment to fix up absolutely every inch of the park, install new festival displays, etc.

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Entire festivals appear overnight. Why does Disney take your picture when getting a DAS card? I thought it was maybe because they gave you an ID to carry but that never happened. Do the cast members see a picture of you on the screen when you check in to a ride? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow Us practicalwanderlust. There is a really good chance that this post contains affiliate links. If you click one of them, we may receive a small commission for which we are deeply grateful at no extra cost to you.

Table of Contents. Less time being a crankypants means more time having a blast at the happiest place on earth. Me too. Cast Members are there to help. Instead, perfect the art of incredibly aggressive speed-walking, like, old ladies at the mall style. Practice makes perfect! Parades are for shmucks. Yup, I said it.

How To Potty Train a Puppy - How to House Train Your Dog

Electric light parade? Google it. Disney Cast Members have the patience of saints. Say Congratulations to everyone wearing a button. Just be considerate. Let the elderly, disabled, and pregnant have your seat or cut in front of you in line. Help out tired parents by asking their little Prince or Princess who their favorite Disney character is. Make Cast Members happy by staying behind the yellow line at all times, listening to and following directions, never trying to get them to "break character," and letting their managers or Guest Services know when they've done an excellent job - there are cards you can fill out at Guest Services to give props to a standout Cast Member, and recieving them makes our days feel meaningful and magical and helps us get paid more!

Keep the magic of Disney alive by being a part of it yourself! Hey, we want to hear from you! What's your favorite Disney hack or Disney secret? Leave us a comment below! Did you find this post useful? Save it for later on Pinterest! And if you need some more Disney help, here's a great post on Inspired by Maps with even more Disney World tips!

Get the Disney World Scavenger Hunt! There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again. First Name. Email Address. We use this field to detect spam bots. If you fill this in, you will be marked as a spammer. Stephanie says: September 11, at pm. Very detailed. I have a lot of research to do! Thanks for sharing your advice! Lia says: September 13, at pm. Darrel Payne's Statement My name is Darrel Payne and I was a personal witness to numerous statements disclosed by Aaliyah Bedwell regarding sexual and physical abuse at the hands of her biological father, Dustin Thompson.

I have personally contacted law enforcement and CPS with and have been ignored with every contact I have ever made. I watched and comforted Aaliyah every time she would be fearful of her life when her father would show up to take her for his visitations, and I had to watch her scream at the top of her lungs when he would take her away. I listened to all of the statements Aaliyah disclosed, begging for help, and telling us in her words what was happening in his custody.

I personally contacted the appropriate resources, only to be denied every inch of the way. When the detective was first contacted, he asked us to be patient and said he will contact us when it is at that point, and it may take a while for that to happen. Finally I called the detective myself, and he actually got upset with me and said there is nothing I could tell him about the case. Every step of the way Connie has been pushed aside, had her civil rights violated, and her daughter has been put in jeopardy of physical and sexual abuse by the legal system which should be protecting her.

Connie and I were in a close committed relationship throughout most of the court proceedings for approximately four years but presently we are not dating. We have not dated in over a year, but remain friends and can testify to multiple occasions of Dustin Thompson harassing her and stalking her. I will not stop from helping Connie to protect her daughter's life and safety along with her own life and safety from a dangerously unstable man that has threatened to murder them.

If a trial is set against Connie Bedwell, I will be there standing by her side fighting along with her every step of the way, will testify under oath to these facts and speak directly to any of the media outlets against this miscarriage of justice. I am referring to him as the pedophile because I havent yet looked into laws regarding slander so I am playing it on the safe side for now. There are a number of incidents of her speaking of him hurting her pee pee along with a number of symptomatic behavior that all points to sexual abuse prior to her speaking of "Daddy's Worm.

At this point I have decided to expose him on the internet, youtube, myspace, email, and eventually want to get it out to the media. Myself and a number of other people, mandated reporters, and Aaliyahs psychologist have reported the abuse a number of times to CPS, Police and the court system. The pedophile is an extremely manipulative charming person that talks his way out of everything along with the help of his own abusive parents. They are lying to keep their little family problems a secret and have managed to fool a number of so called professionals into not even looking at the evidence or speaking to witnesses that have seen and witnessed my daughters behavior and statements after being with her father.

So basically I am hoping to get this to a point where my daughters voice can be heard along with all of the people who have seen and know the truth vs the pedophile and his sick demented family and their lies. I will be adding the 27 minute video of my daughter talking on June 9 th to this posting asap for you all to watch. Thank you all for your support, help, and prayers so far, I appreciate it. She sunk into me. She seemed exhausted, relieved and really quiet. Aaliyah was emotional, clingy and wanted night-night to breastfeed.

Mistake #2: Not Being Consistent With Your Attempts

She took a nap from 5-ish to 7pm as soon as we got home. She soiled her pants and wanted to leave them on. At approx. Minutes later a worm came up on Baby Einstein, Aaliyah freaked out, got off the couch, ran down the hallway screaming bloody murder. I followed her down the hall and asked her what was wrong. Aaliyah stated I asked her how she has to touch it. She wanted out of her bed because she is afraid of beds. We went and sat in the hallway in front of the kitchen and ate yogurt.

I asked her if she remembered what her bad dreams were about. He hurts me and sometimes I get really mad too. She had a number of nightmares all night long. I rubbed her back to help get her back to sleep each time she woke up. She seemed depressed. We kept letting her win the races so we could tell her how fast she was to build up her self esteem.

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  6. She woke up 3 times in the night having nightmares. Today she has barely eaten much of anything. She still is refusing her potty and still frequently wants night-night which she calls beastfeeding. June 3 Today Aaliyah was in the bath playing with her mermaid. She stays home with mommy to be safe. I hug my mermaid because it wants me. She slept on the way there too. Aali had just woke up and began clinging to me. June Aaliyah was with The pedophile June 5, She had a tiny bruise about the size of a dime on her back right hip.