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Canonised in , Joan has been an incarnation of French national identity and pride for six centuries and every aspect of her life has been pored over, disputed, denied or reassessed.


Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Jeanne d' Arc, by Eugene Thirion Late 19th century images such as this often had political undertones because of French territorial cessions to Germany in Chautou, Church of Notre Dame. Medieval France.

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Related Articles. The Two Joans' Agendas. Joan of Arc: a Medical View. The History of the Picnic. Oh Jenelle. I'm an invested fan in all the girls; we're pretty much all the same age so it's interesting to see their struggles in comparison to my own baby-free life. I've never been a fan of Jenelle, watching her bits like a train wreck you can't look away from. But I've been invested, watching her go through bad life choices over and over again, always fighting to get Jace back.

And every season nothin Oh Jenelle. And every season nothing changes. She's still just as much of a screw up as she was before. She's had ups and downs, and is better than some of her worst moments, but she's still a hot mess.

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I wanted to read this because I've read all the other Teen Mom books, and I wanted to know if this would give some insight into this poor girl's life. And it did. A lot of the stuff she wrote about I didn't know, and if it's true then I do feel bad for her. I really do. She didn't have a father growing up, her siblings were apparently messed up and mean to her, and even though her mom is taking care of her son, it's clear she isn't great to Jenelle either. The girls needs good, solid, stable love from someone who doesn't have a dick. And I don't think she'll ever really get it.

Her mom claimed a lot of the stuff wasn't true in the book, but there's no way to know. So I don't know what to think. Do I sympathize, or do I roll my eyes and call her a drama queen? It's hard to tell.

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I feel bad for her, and truly wish she'd get it together to be a good person and honestly earn the right to have her son back. She's talks about a lot of sad and hard stuff, including drugs, feeling unloved by everyone around her, and the abusive relationships she's been in. She deserves better, and she writes like she knows that, likes she values herself enough to do better, but nothing ever changes.

Which makes this really hard to review! She talks about everything so matter-of-factly, it's hard to know if she's really learned from her mistakes. For her own sake, and her kids, I hope she has. But from watching the show I'm doubtful. I guess it's a good read if you're a fan of her or the show? I didn't dislike it, and I didn't like it. A solid, "meh" three stars from me. May 19, Susan Bazzett-Griffith rated it did not like it Shelves: memoirs-biography , psych-soc-fem-pop.

Holy trainwreck, Batman. Ignoring for a moment that Janelle is walking disaster- being a pregnant teenager was actually one of the few times she kind of had het shit together when compared to h Holy trainwreck, Batman. Scanned in, poorly written diary entries from her life as a preteen through the age of twenty, and then rambling explanations if those diary entries simply didn't work.

Her life has sucked, but she hasn't seemed to learn jack shit from it, nor grown up much at all. I read this purely because I found out it existed while reading about CPS taking her youngest daughter from her, amd figured maybe it would provide some insight into her thought process- frankly, her thought process seems to be she can't deal with life without drugs or a controlling man amd doesn't actually care much about her kids compared to herself.

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One star because zero isn't an option. I hope her kids never read this and are given a chance to be raised by someone who can be stable and less selfish. Aug 06, Holly rated it did not like it. Anyone who follows her story in real life, knows a lot of this book is more fiction than anything with a lot missing. That being said, it was a tough read just based on grammar, sentence structure and just general English skills. I read this book hoping see a different side of Jenelle, that didn't happen. Being true to herself???? Couldn't believe this woman had any insight into her own impulsive, deceitful choices.

I was right. She is a liar to people around her, but sadly never as much as to herself. Th recurring theme in her lie is everyone around her abuses her, lies to her, beats her, is mean to her. By the end of the first chapter, I found myself having to stifle the desire to slap her myself. I wanted to see if her fantasy self delusion changed.

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It didn't. I believe that now, like the longed Being true to herself???? I believe that now, like the longed fabled boy that cried wolf, she is married to the ground article, a man who does truly abuse her and her children. Trouble is, she said it so much, not one person will believe her. How she keeps those poor little ones, deserves a documentary on the way social services is a farce.

I will be extremely sad to see it happen, but real truth be told, I believe her current "man on a white horse" will one day murder one of her poor children, because social services failed to listen to the people that her best and more importantly Save your money if you think you will find any hope for her. She lies to herself, better than the people she thinks she is smarter than. Barbara, if you read this, quit saving this woman, and focus on Jace, and continue to encourage Nathan's mother to rescue poor little Kaiser. DCF, police, court system Good read for the emotionally invested teen mom fan I read it really fast, so I guess that's a good thing..

But I really appreciated her honesty. That was a big one for me. She could've sugar coated everything and bs'd her way through it but she told it like it is and I really liked that. It might seem silly but I've been watching these girls from the beginning, I've seen their beautiful children being born and now grow up season after season and have seen all the ups and downs..

So id say im a di Good read for the emotionally invested teen mom fan I read it really fast, so I guess that's a good thing.. So id say im a diehard tm fan, its been what eight years now? So of course I want to see them doing well and it warms my heart to see Jenelle turning her life around much like I had to do in my own life.

I relate a lot to her in many ways and I have even more respect for her after reading this book. It was nice to see her side if HER story and get to see where she's coming from. Id recommend it Aug 13, Hilary rated it it was amazing. As a truly devoted Teen Mom 2 fan, I really enjoyed reading this book. In fact, this is the first book I have finished in over 3 months! It was not super eloquent or ground breaking in any regard, but it was a quick and easy read that gave me some insight into Jenelle's life. Essentially, I am giving this book 5 stars because it was an engaging read for me and I was super excited to finally have this book in my hands!!

Sep 22, Pamela Caldwell rated it really liked it. I thought I would hate this book based on reviews I've read. I really wanted to hate this book because the very idea of Jenelle writing down her thoughts on paper, after all I've seen of her actions on Teen Mom 2, I decided, "Oh, what the hell.

You only live once! I was wrong. I actually enjoyed reading this book. And that's not me saying because I am a fan of Jenelle I'm really not. I stopped watching her after the first se I thought I would hate this book based on reviews I've read. I stopped watching her after the first season of Teen Mom 2. So I have no idea what's going on in her present day life. I loved reading it. I got a glimpse into her life and was astounded.

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  7. But only just a little. Some things in her book I could live without, yet I read her book all in one day. A few things I didn't know about her and some other things I can know about her just by looking her up online. It's not a bad book. It passes the time and I liked it. I feel like reading it again.

    I'm a teen mom myself, so I can understand the struggles of raising a child. I could relate a lot to Jenelle, but she and I are complete opposites. I never did drugs, partied, go through random guys and so forth. Anyway, good book. I might just read it again. Sticking with the autobiographies so I grabbed this. In this book she reveals diary entries from when she was a young girl up until the point her life went downhill with drugs which we witness on the show. Nov 19, Tamzen rated it it was ok.

    This ridiculous show is my guilty pleasure. That aside, this book was what I expected it to be. It was a quick, dirty read for a lazy Sunday afternoon. It was a bit sloppy, and very obviously ghost written. I like Jenelle a lot more than most people seem to, and I wanted to enjoy this book more than I did Sep 15, Alex rated it did not like it Shelves: nonfiction.

    I really, really dislike Jenelle, but couldn't resist checking this out when I saw it at the library. As bad as this was I was actually expecting it to be even worse, so that's a plus. The diary entries were particularly painful to read, however, and this desperately needed an editor.

    Jenelle constantly reinventing her past was amusing, though, especially as most of the events were caught on camera and very clearly show a different story. I already knew she was delusional, but this book just cem I really, really dislike Jenelle, but couldn't resist checking this out when I saw it at the library. I already knew she was delusional, but this book just cemented that fact.