Three Days at Sea

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Towing a Chevron tanker in the Escravos area, in the Gulf of Guinea, the boat found itself in trouble. British man kidnapped in Nigeria. Nigerian tells of capsized boat ordeal.

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US siblings in 'miracle' hour swim after St. Lucia shipwreck. Art under the sea. As he waited, 30 metres under the sea, water began rising in the cabin. Mr Okene took two mattresses from the beds and sat on top of them, hoping to stay afloat in his small prison. Hungry, cold and tired, he became aware of the sound of marine life swimming through the bowels of the ship. Then he heard loud noises as the fish — he thought they could be barracuda or sharks — started thrashing around, fighting over something big.

He feared it was the corpses of his colleagues, and armed himself with a plank in case any animals swam into his space. So she will become a widow? What about my mother and everybody I love — so I will never see them again?

Three Masts Under The Sea - Sailing, Scavenging & SCUBA in Raiatea -- Sailing French Polynesia

But his older brother did not want to break the news to their mother, so instead concocted the story that there was a family meeting in Lagos — so that he could tell her when she was surrounded by older relatives. Out in the ocean, a search and rescue team had been sent to locate the remains of the men. They swiftly found ten of the 11 bodies, and were not expecting to find anything more.

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This is a public beach, so entry is free and you only need to pay for parking. The beach has restrooms, showers and changing rooms. There are several beaches on the North side of the Dead Sea. We went to Kalia Beach, which is the most well known beach in the area.

At the time we visited, the entrance fee was 59 NIS. There are showers and changing rooms. Towels can be rented for a small fee. Though the entrance fee was a bit pricey, we had a blast here. I felt like a kid again, grabbing mud and slathering it on everywhere. It was oddly satisfying.

Having silky smooth skin afterwards was a great bonus. Initially we were really confused about how to apply the mud, and which mud to use. Do you just grab any from the shore? After watching and asking people and some trial and error, we learned that the best mud is not on the shore.

The mud on the shore has small rocks which is harsh on your skin. The darker it is, the better. It was inhabited by the last remaining rebels from Jerusalem, who were fleeing the Romans.

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Unfortunately the Romans were gaining ground on the mountain and when defeat seemed inevitable, the rebels made the dramatic decision to end their own lives in an act of mass suicide rather than be taken as prisoners and enslaved. The sunrise at Masada is one of the best places to see the sunrise in the Dead Sea. The other advantage of hiking up before dawn is that it gets extremely hot in the summer months which can make the hike much more difficult.

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There are a few ways to get up to Masada. The Snake Path Trail is the main trail and the most popular way to get to the top.

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  • The trail takes about an hour to get to the top. The park opens an hour before sunrise. The fee is 31 NIS per person. The Roman Trail is the fastest way to get to the top. This is the route that the Romans made when taking the fortress. Cons of this route is that the entrance is on the other side of the park. The drive to this entrance takes longer. The drive to Snake Path Trail is more direct. There is also a cable car you can take to get up.

    Rob Hewitt tells Insight how he survived four days treading water after being lost at sea

    Once, a large storm hit and spoiled his fish and fouled his water. Poon, barely alive, caught a bird and drank its blood to survive. When he saw sharks, he refrained from swimming and sought to catch one, using the remnants of caught birds as bait. The first shark to pick up the taste was only a few feet long. He gulped the bait and hit the line with full force, but in preparation Poon Lim had braided the line so it would have double thickness.

    He also had wrapped his hands in canvas to enable him to make the catch. The shark attacked him after he brought it aboard the raft, so he used the water jug half-filled with seawater as a weapon. After subduing the shark, Poon Lim cut it open and sucked the blood from its liver. Since it hadn't rained, he was out of water and this quenched his thirst. He sliced the fins and let them dry in the sun. On several occasions he was passed by other vessels. The first was an unidentified freighter whose crew saw him but did not pick him up or even greet him despite his proficient shouts in English.

    Poon Lim contended that they would not rescue him because he was Asian and they may have assumed he was a stricken Japanese sailor, although another explanation is that German U-boats often set a "survivor" on a raft as a trap to get a rescuing ship to stop which made it a sitting duck to be sunk. A squadron of United States Navy patrol seaplanes did see him, and one dropped a marker buoy in the water. Unfortunately for Poon, a large storm hit the area at the same time and he was lost again. He was also once spotted by a German U-boat , which had been doing gunnery drills by targeting gulls.

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    At first, he counted the days by tying knots in a rope, but later decided that there was no point in counting the days and simply began counting full moons. On April 5, , after days in the life raft, Poon Lim neared land and a river inlet. A few days earlier, he had realized that he was nearing land because the color of the water had changed; it was no longer a deep oceanic blue.

    When told no one had ever survived longer on a raft at sea, Poon Lim replied, "I hope no one will ever have to break that record.