Farangis: Eleven Short Stories (Persian Edition)

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LOG IN. Journal of Shi'a Islamic Studies. Abstract Qajar painting is best known for its large images. The twelfth day was appointed for departure. The garden was filled with people coming for final farewells. It was late afternoon before the party got underway.


The party travelled as far as Firayjat, three miles up the Tigris. Visitors still came daily. The party finally set out on 9 May for the three-month journey to Istanbul. The significance of Ridvan.

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The announcement. According to this account "he enjoined upon them secrecy as to this communication, as the time had not come for a public declaration; but that there were reasons which caused him to deem it necessary to make it at that time to a few whom he could trust. The departure from the Most Great House. The three announcements. Religious war jihad had been permitted in Islam and under certain conditions by the law of the Bab. Second, there would not be another prophet for a full thousand years. Third, at that moment all the names of God were fully manifest in all things.

These are perhaps to be regarded as an oblique announcement of his own prophethood. The third announcement is echoed in many passages from tablets related to Ridvan - for example: "He Who is the Desire of all nations hath shed upon the kingdoms of the unseen and of the seen the splendor of the light of His most excellent names, and enveloped them with the radiance of the luminaries of His most gracious favors - favors which none can reckon except Him. His announcement can, therefore, be viewed less as the revealing of a secret to a few individuals than as a fundamental transformation in the relationship between God and the world.

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Naw-Ruz marked the beginning of the nineteenth year of the calendar established by the Bab, the last year of the first Vahid - "unity" - of nineteen years. One, nine, and nineteen all have important symbolic and prophetic significance in the writings of the Bab. Daryun is Arslan's closest companion and the two value each other greatly. As might be rather aptly expected, Daryun's loyalty as the prince's knight is eventually shaped into an exclusive fealty for Arslan and Arslan alone.

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His willingness to speak audaciously against the king for his political disparagement of Arslan in the Gilan arc clearly reveals this extent. The novels progress along into the later arcs with Daryun fashioning a slightly morbid tinge to said loyalty, when he avowed to purge Arslan's malignant enemies and even allies who would mean to do his liege harm. Narsus is one of Arslan's companions. Arslan respects Narsus' intellect and values him greatly for his advice and strategies. Arslan promised to appoint Narsus as Court Painter once Pars has been reclaimed.

Narsus finds Arslan interesting for his kindness and caring of other people and believes that Arslan will become a great king.

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Narsus sometimes places the young prince in precarious situations, such as when Hodir's slaves started hating Arslan and tried to kill him because he killed their master, so Arslan can learn things through experience. Elam is one of his companions and is also the closest to him in terms of age. Arslan often attempts to help him with his chores, despite not being good at it, and Elam always tells him that he should let him handle the chores himself. Elam is touched by Arslan's kindness. At first, Elam looks down on him for his weak appearance, but grows to respect him as they travel together.

When Narsus originally intended to send Elam away, Arslan was the one who insisted on bringing Elam with them, stating that only Elam could prepare delicious food for them to eat.

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Elam quickly develops a strong protectiveness for Arslan, offering him his bow during their confrontation with Kharlan to protect him in his stead as he stayed by his side in battle to ensure his safety. They share a strong friendship.

Farewell Farangis

Arslan respects his parents, referring to them as "Lord Father" and "Lady Mother. Arslan is not their biological son, revealed to being adopted as the prince because Andragoras and Tahamine were unable to produce an heir. Since Arslan resembled Tahamine, they believed that could pass him off as their son. Vahriz trained Arslan in sword-fighting, and gave him the attention his parents neglected to. Vahriz, while a strict teacher, was a kind, fatherly figure to Arslan.

Arslan openly weeps over learning of his death and reprimands himself for only ever complaining during his lessons.

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