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The Complete MATLAB Course: Beginner to Advanced!

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This title also provides practical content to current and aspiring industry professionals. By running codes; generating results, figures, and diagrams; playing movies and animations; and solving a large variety of problems in MATLAB, in class, with peers in study groups, or individually, readers gain a deep understanding of electromagnetics. By Ronaldo D. It is a supplement to book Electromagnetics by Branislav M.

It is vary hard studying and practicing these diverse exercises to gain comprehensive and operational knowledge and skills in concepts and techniques of MATLAB use and programming because: 1- Every exercises has at least references to other examples and keeps you flipping through the ebook to I feel fooled! By Nabeel on Nov 30, During my undergraduate career, I used this book in three different courses: A two-semester junior-level electromagnetics course sequence and a senior-level course on antenna theory.

During these classes, I noticed that most electromagnetics textbooks involve a heavy dose of abstract concepts and formula derivations. As a result, many students are left without a very good intuitive grasp of the subject material. This book is a supplement to any such standard electromagnetics textbook Although it was explicitly intended to be a supplement to Electromagnetics by the same author, Branislav Notaros , containing many helpful exercises that provide a much deeper understanding than rote memorization of equations.

It has several excellent exercises for plotting and visualizing fields, including some codes that involve producing vector fields, 3D plots, and animated graphics. Many of these plots are included in the book, so that students can check their work. In addition to the helpfulness with visualizing concepts, this book is also a very good introduction to MATLAB programming in general.

This was especially helpful to me as I was able to apply those skills in other engineering classes. I cannot recommend this book enough to both electromagnetics course instructors as well as to students who are looking to expand their conceptual understanding of electromagnetics. By Amazon User on Dec 12, I used this book in conjunction Dr. Notaros's general Electromatics textbook for my undergrad emag class. While I don't think anyone would actually purport to enjoy emag exercises, I found these programming exercises to be a pleasant change from the paper and pencil kind. Through most of my undergrad, I always had trouble linking all the hand-written calculus and esoteric engineering functions to things I would do in a real job.

Sure, in my internships I had seen plenty of mathmatical and engineering work in action, but it had all been done in code, and the 'calculus' and such was barely recognizable in the form of numerical methods. So doing the emag exercises in code after learning them in their traditional form helped me make that link of "oh, so that's how you actually use this stuff".

That, and seeing variables that would take an hour to solve by hand suddenly solved in a millisecond is quite satisfying. Overall, I think the book is a valuable resource and worth taking seriously, even if it's just to force you to learn a little programming.

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In the real world all of this kind of stuff ends up as code, and the quicker you learn to make the link between theory and code, the better off you're going to be. By Michael R. One of the key difficulties that students face when learning about electromagnetics is the ability to visualize the invisible phenomena they are studying. Notaros' book addresses this issue and provides hundreds of MATLAB examples that make the material far more accessible.

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This book challenges students to truly understand the material beyond the obfuscation of pure math. By Student on Jan 05, This book can be used as a standalone resource or alongside Branislav Notaros' Electromagnetics book. By Kaiyan Sheng on Nov 30,