Miracle in a Dry Season (Appalachian Blessings Book #1)

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Let's have a virtual coffee meeting! Oh hey Looking for something? All Rights Reserved. Another thing I enjoyed in this story is the delightful way the romance is developed.


I could see it happening step by step as I read, in spite of the ugliness of the circumstances around them. For me, the best part of the tale involved the spiritual awakening of many of the ailing congregation, especially of those who had treated Perla the worst. The Biblical tenets many of the characters learned are as relevant and important for us today as they were for the townsfolk in their time period. These are truths that emphasize the importance of faith in Christ, human inter-relationships, family, community and church fellowship. I was not required to write a positive review.

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Miracle in a Dry Season (Appalachian Blessings Book #1) By Sarah Loudin Thomas

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. He was grateful his parents weren't there to hear. His father would not hesitate to offer criticism.

The pastor walked to the door of the church, and his flock began filing out past him, shaking his hand and offering compliments on the sermon.

Waiting his turn, Casewell got a better look at the little girl and her mother—at least he assumed this was her mother. They were new to the church. The pair appeared to be accompanying Robert and Delilah Thornton, who lived in the heart of the little community of Wise—such as it was.

Robert kept the one small store that served the immediate area. Locals had to drive eighteen miles to reach a chain grocery store, and no one there would know the local gossip, so the Thorntons did well enough. Perhaps the woman and child were family come to visit. The woman stopped to speak to the pastor, offering her hand and ducking her head. A little thing, she had cornsilk hair under a scrap of a hat, rosy cheeks, and pink lips.

She was pretty enough, but Casewell knew pretty didn't guarantee pleasant. The little girl peeped out at Casewell from behind her mother's skirt and giggled.

Miracle in a Dry Season (#01 in Appalachian Blessings Series)

He grinned back without even meaning to. And there was little point in considering how pretty her mama was—nice or not—since there was almost certainly a papa in the picture. Casewell's turn to clasp Pastor Longbourne's hand finally came, and then he stepped out into the soft spring air of the churchyard, eager to make his way through the crowd so he could head home and find something to eat.

He could always resort to a jelly sandwich, though it would be a far cry from his mother's Sunday fried chicken. Casewell fought the urge to plug his ears.

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As he neared the gate to the churchyard, Delilah Thornton intercepted him and grasped his arm. She's staying with us You might remember her family—they moved from here back in ' Casewell wondered at the slight hesitation, but then Perla stood before him, and her clear, blue eyes completed the pretty picture he'd been noticing inside. She smiled, though there was something solemn lingering around her eyes. The little girl smiled up at him as she clung to her mother's leg.

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At that moment Casewell's belly rumbled so long and loud that there was no question of pretending otherwise. Casewell felt his ears grow warm and scuffed a boot in the dirt. He gave the group a nod and started toward the gate when Delilah said, "But your family is off visiting.

I'm guessing there's not much in your cupboard. Please come eat with us. There's a mighty fine pork roast in the oven at home, and Perla here has a knack for gathering spring greens. I know you won't get a better meal in all the county. Casewell opened his mouth to decline, but after one look into Perla's china eyes, he heard himself agreeing to go along.

He blamed his moment of weakness on the promised pork roast. The group walked toward the Thorntons' Chevy sedan. Casewell admired how good it still looked after several years of use—certainly better than his beat-up '38 truck with the paint peeling off the fenders. Sadie left her mother's side and slipped a little hand into Casewell's large, rough one.

She looked up at him with huge brown eyes, and he felt his heart squeeze. Whether or not the mother charmed him, the daughter certainly did.

The pork roast sat succulent under a crisp, roasted layer of fat. Casewell cut his portion carefully so he got a little fat with each bite. He also ate turnips boiled and mashed with butter and cream, fresh-baked light bread, and the promised greens wilted in bacon grease. Casewell was beside himself.

After eating his fill, he sighed and pushed his chair back a little. Perla ducked her head and scrubbed at Sadie's chin, as though the speck of grease from the greens couldn't wait another minute.