The Intellectual Powers: A Study of Human Nature

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It is the component of experience which we have simply in virtue of having functioning sense-organs which are being stimulated. Similar points may be made about his discussion of the causal theory of perception. Does that mean that knowledge and belief are distinct?


That may depend on whether this implication is an entailment or a conversational implicature. Hacker dismisses the latter option without saying why, but a plausible Gricean explanation of the impropriety seems available, which assumes that knowledge is a kind of belief. As Grice noted, there is a conversational expectation that we make our contribution as informative as is required the Maxim of Quantity 1.

By hypothesis, if our subject knows that p then, ipso facto, he believes that p.

The Intellectual Powers

But the report that he knows that p is more informative than the report that he believes that p it says the latter plus more. The book finishes with a long appendix on philosophical method and metaphilosophy, where Hacker expands on reflections started in volume 1, and makes some important points. He claims that to explicate our concepts, we must look at word usage, since concepts, he holds, are abstractions from the uses of words He is at pains to emphasise, however, that this interest in words and concepts is no less an interest in the natures of things.

And why should we privilege one mode over the others?

The Linguistic Turn did not herald a change in subject-matter for philosophy, but only a clearer recognition that answering traditional philosophical questions articulated in the material mode requires paying attention to language. The analogy between the rules of language and of chess has its limits.

Chess rules are learned explicitly and give clear guidance for all the formally limited states of affairs which can arise in chess. Consider a down-to-earth example: a Gettier case.

Little does he know that his watch stopped at 2am last night. We are left to judge for ourselves whether knowledge extends to this case. Is this so inappropriate?

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But it also seems overly narrow. After reading its chapters one is often left feeling as though the air has been cleared in what was a musty, stuffy room. It should be recommended to anyone interested in the topics it covers. Related Papers. By Hao Tang.

The Intellectual Powers: A Study of Human Nature

By Isis Amadeu. By Derek A McDougall. By Hugh Knott.

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By Juliet Floyd. Download pdf. In recent years he has demolished the pretentions of cognitive neuroscience and caused outrage among fellow philosophers by showing that many of their claims are meaningless. The Intellectual Powers, his most recent book, is another masterpiece, examining the cognitive capacities of the human species. If, as the Ancient Greeks believed, philosophy is the most important subject, Hacker is one of our most seminal thinkers.

Book The Intellectual Powers : A Study Of Human Nature

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